As you all should know by now, Zen Planner–our new membership billing system, has been in effect since June 2014. ZenPlanner offers us multiple administrative tools to better analyse our business by keeping better track of memberships and class attendance. So that there are no misunderstandings, we will clearly define our membership and billing policies below.

Signing In for Class

  • You must sign up and sign in for class. This is for the safety of the Athletes and Coaches. Please respect this.
  • All members should sign in at the Front Desk prior to your scheduled class. This is to help us track attendance and make sure that class sizes are manageable. You should sign in for regular Classes, Barbell Club and any events that we host.


  • Upgrade/Downgrade requests must be made at least 2 days in advance of your credit card processing date and in writing/email so that we have time to make the necessary changes before your next bill. Requests should be submitted to
  • Only one (1) discount can be applied to a person. There is no discount stacking.


  • Membership cancellations must be submitted 2 days prior to the credit card processing date. We do request that you provide a reason for cancellation for our tracking purposes.
  • Month-to-month membership plans (non contract) can be canceled at any time. It is your responsibility to give us written notice 2 days in advance. Once a payment has been charged to your credit card, we will not refund it.
  • We will not provide refunds retroactively for any cancellation requests.
  • Deleting your payment information from Zen Planner does not cancel your membership. Membership cancellations are only processed by sending an email to
  • We absolutely do not give refunds if you do not use your membership. You must notify us to cancel your membership.
  • No Refunds: Once membership has been submitted and processed we do not offer any refunds.
  • Any payments not successfully charged on the 1st  or 15th of the Month are given a 3 day grace period to correct billing issues. After the 3rd day we will charge a $20 late fee for unresolved issues.

Subject to Change

Bear Mountain CrossFit reserves the right to make any and all changes to the terms and conditions. Bear Mountain CrossFit are not responsible for any errors that may appear on this website. Bear Mountain CrossFit reserve the right to make any and all changes class times, schedules and locations without any notice.