Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where we are inspiring fun, fostering camaraderie, building confidence, encouraging growth, celebrating both success and failure, valuing family and friendships, participating and understanding the importance of giving back to our local community. All while promoting fitness and forming a lifelong passion for healthy living.

Bear Mountain Cadets (ages 3-5)

The Bear Mountain Cadets program is for our littlest of athletes. We here at ESCFN have set up a play-based program for ages 3-5, where we are focused on teaching our kids to think of exercise as FUN. We want our children to develop a lifelong habit of living and loving a balanced healthy, active lifestyle. Within class our Empire State Cadets will play games and learn new skills to work on physical, cognitive, and emotional development. All skills are developmentally appropriate and taught with a purpose, such as moving our bodies through space, balance, coordination, working together, and following directions to name just a few.

Bear Mountain Captains (ages 6-10)


Building on the foundation of teaching our children exercise is FUN our Empire State Captains program is for athletes ages 6-10. We continue in our fun, safe environment to work on skills such as balance, coordination, and movement patterns but now we also introduce other skills such as endurance, body strength, core strength, flexibility, accuracy, technique, problem solving and goal settings. The Bear Mountain Captains also work on teamwork, what healthy competition is, leadership skills and begin to touch on nutrition. But, regardless of the increased physical demands the main focus of the Empire State Captains class is still on FUN.

Bear Mountain Chiefs (age 11-16)

Continue with our belief of teaching youth exercise is FUN our Bear Mountain Chiefs program is for athletes ages 11-16. These classes are still loaded with fun but now have an added focus and intensity on working towards our athlete’s individual goals. Our main focus is excellent form above all else. With excellent form we know our athletes will thrive in all areas of fitness. Workouts are performance based and light loads are introduced. Workouts are constantly varied and include exciting challenges.

Getting Started

Please contact EJ Shaver (info@empirestatecrossfitnorth.com) or use the form below to start the process of joining the next available session.  We communicate through a private Facebook group, so make sure you get added to our group.  You can contact me via email OR find me on Facebook if you’d like to join this group.  *Only parents of current or previous Empire State Cadets/Captains/Chiefs can join groups can join this page*